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Video: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

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People who meet me at conventions sometimes think I’m an extrovert because I tend to be enthusiastic and talkative. The truth:  I consider myself an introvert.  I’m the happiest and most productive when I’m in a quiet space. I far prefer one-on-one conversation than chitchatting within a large group. I need solitude to recharge my batteries.

Thanks to children’s book author Mike Jung, who posted about Susan Cain’s book on his Facebook Wall. The title appealed to me so strongly that I immediately investigated Susan’s website, watched the video, and bought the e-book version:

QUIET: The Power Of Introverts That Can’t Stop Talking.

LOVED this Tedtalk. 

Make sure you listen to the end, where Susan talks about the irony of being an introvert, loving the writing process where she works alone, and then having to come out of her solitude to have to promote the book about introversion with public talks like the one in the video. 😀

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