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One Of My Favourite New SCBWI Friends: Mike Curato

Still catching up from my week-long trip in NYC. I’ve decided I’m more likely to actually post about the event if I write up some shorter pieces rather than attempt one mega-long report. So here’s my first!

I love making new friends at these events, which is one reason I try very hard NOT to make too many plans in advance, or hang out with the same group of people throughout the weekend.

Anyway, thanks to my Pixel Shavings friend Russ Cox for introducing me to Mike Curato (who just launched a NEW BLOG).

Not only is Mike a funny and very sweet guy, he also won top prize in this year’s SCBWI Winter Conference Illustration Portfolio Showcase!

On the last day of the conference, I went out for lunch with Mike, Russ CoxFred KoehlerRoberta Gallagher-Rivera and Wouter Bruneel:

During the meal, I nagged (yes, I’m embarrassed to admit I did NAG) Mike to start a blog. I pointed out that with his award win, lots of people would be checking out his website after the conference. And look, he started one!!! And he gave me credit. 🙂

Afterward, we had some fun taking photos out in Grand Central Terminal. From left to right: Russ, Mike, Roberta, Fred and Wouter.

Anyway, I -love- Mike’s work, and can’t wait to see where his career takes him next.

Where you can find more info about Mike:

Mike Curato’s website

Mike Curator’s brand new BLOG

Mike Curato Illustration (Facebook Page)

Mike Curato Etsy Page

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