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I’M BORED Scrapbook Blog Launched: how a picture book was created

****Update February 14, 2013: Please note that the Scrapbook and other bonus material have been moved to the I’M BORED Bonus Page.

I recently launched the I’M BORED Scrapbook, a place where I’ll be pulling in everything I’ve been posting related to I’M BORED. Until the picture book launches this September, I’m mainly going to be focusing on a series of blog posts about how this picture book was creating, from start to finish.

Editor Justin Chanda, art director Laurent Linn and author Michael Ian Black have all been kind enough to answer some questions about the process for me.

The most recent post gave me a chance to ask Justin questions I’ve been wondering about, like whether he attended that 2010 SCBWI-LA conference with the goal of finding an illustrator for Michael’s book, what exactly appealed to him about my portfolio, and what Michael’s reaction was to my art.

Next up on the Scrapbook: Michael shares what inspired him to write I’M BORED.

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