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Writer Productivity Tip: unsubscribe to as many mailing lists as you can

So far, I’ve managed to easily meet my goal of 500 words a day. I’m even thinking of upgrading to 1000 words a day, but am going to wait a couple of weeks to make sure I’m not just experience a burst of “beginning of the year resolution” enthusiasm.

How are the rest of you doing?

One thing I’m doing to help minimize wasted time: UNSUBSCRIBING TO UNNECESSARY MAILING LISTS. I’ve mentioned this a while back, but since then I’ve let a number of services put me on their mailing lists without doing anything about it. Instead, I just delete the messages as they come in, without reading them.


From now on, if I find myself about to delete a mailing list message, I’ll think very hard about whether I should be on the mailing list at all. And instead of being lazy and just hitting the delete key, I’m going to take the time to scroll to the bottom of the message and figure out how to unsubscribe myself.

A related tip: never EVER put people on your promotional mailing list without asking their permission first. It drives me crazy when I start getting promo e-mails from an author with an accompanying message like, “Hey, I thought you’d be interested in my work. If you want to be taken off the list, just let me know.” It immediately makes me want to NOT buy the author’s book. Ok, rant over.

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