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Please help me with my book proposal!

The bulk of my Squarespace move is finished, though I still have quite a few tweaks to go. Still, it’s SO GOOD to finally get back to my own writing! Also a relief to Google my name & Inkygirl pages and NOT get pharmaceutical hacked info. But back to my own writing…

More and more people have been inquiring about where they can buy a print collection of my comics, so I’ve (finally) written a nonfiction book proposal featuring compilation of my best Inkygirl and Will Write For Chocolate comics. I plan to send it out soon, but obviously I want to include samples of my work.

Do you recall a favourite comic of mine you think I should include in the proposal? If so, please describe it below.

For those who missed my earlier post, by the way, I’ve started a separate blog feed for just my Inkygirl comics and am gradually uploading the archives, one comic at a time. The goal of this separate blog is to make it easier for people to find comics on a particular topic for posting in their blogs, using in their presentations, etc. I’m tagging and categorizing as I go.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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