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Moving To Squarespace…and thank you!

Just letting you all know that I’ve decided to move Inkygirl to Squarespace. I appreciate all your suggestions, info and feedback. While I’m moving some of my sites to Squarespace, some will be moved to other services some of you have mentioned (still researching the latter).

No need to change your bookmarks; I’ll just redirect to the new site when it’s ready.

The main reason I’m moving Inkygirl is because I want to cut down on the amount of tweaking, admin and security issues I have to deal with, so I can focus on the content. WordPress is a great blogging platform, as some of you have pointed out, but I lack the time to keep up with the version updates for all the blogs that I currently have, plus other admin.

I want to be able to post more often, including more writing-related comics. I have half a dozen interviews with amazingly talented and knowledgeable authors lined up, but haven’t had time to work on editing/posting them because of the WordPress admin / repairs I’ve had to do lately. 

No blogging platform is 100% secure, but on Squarespace I know I’ll be able to have someone ELSE deal with fixing the code/admin. I’ve sent their customer support half a dozen questions so far and each time, I’ve gotten back a response within a few minutes; I’ve been really impressed! 

Many thanks to literary agent Elana Roth for all the info/help. And again, thank you all SO MUCH for sticking with Inkygirl through all this. 🙂

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