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Blog highlight: Literary Rejections On Display

Rejection always hurts. I’m skeptical of writers who claim that rejections don’t bother them at all. No matter how experienced you are, I can’t help but think that a rejection -ANY rejection- has got to sting at least a little.

Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m saving all my rejections (paper and digital) for any particular project so I can roll them out to encourage other writers WHEN that project gets published. I certainly appreciate hearing about other writers’ rejections -> success stories!

I’ve been gradually collecting these types of successful author rejection storieson Inkygirl.

One great place to find other writers’ rejections is Literary Rejections On Display. The author of this blog prefers to remain anonymous, but describes himself/herself as follows: “I am a published, award-winning author of fiction and creative nonfiction–but whatever. In the eyes of many, I am still a literary reject.”


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