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Story A Day challenge for writers: May 2010

The goal of Julie Duffy‘s Story A Day challenge is write a story every day in May. Before you freak out, keep in mind that the stories can be of any length. There is also leeway built-in. “You get to decide what “every day” means. If you need to take Sundays off, go for it. You make your own rules, but you are encouraged to set them up early, and stick to them!” 

I’m signing up. I’m going to participate in Paula Yoo’s National Picture Book Writing week, so I figure writing picture books can count for the first week, then I’ll write other types of stories the rest of the month. For me, I’m mainly aiming for story ideas — a very rough story outline (including a beginning, middle and end) every day. Some days this might only be a few sentences but if I’m feeling super-inspired, I figure I can write a more detailed story outline. 

After May, I’ll pick out the story ideas that appeal most to me and expand the outlines.

What about the rest of you?

If you’re ready to commit, sign up here.
For more info, see

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