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Brilliant book promo: Pam Bachorz and Candorville

A while back I mentioned I loved Pam Bachorz‘s CANDOR (Egmont USA). I was inspired to post a comic about it. Not only was the site entertaining, but it’s a brilliant book promo.

Pam also created a clever website about the fictional Candor, Florida as if it was a real place. I asked about her inspiration, and here’s what she replied:

I was inspired to create, first and foremost, because it was FUN. I spent countless hours of real towns’ real estate sites, back when we were house-shopping in Florida, and I thought it would be very cool to give Candor, Florida a “real” web presence. And of course I figured this would be both a way to intrigue new readers and to extend the “experience” of CANDOR for people who had already read the book. I’ve gotten a lot of funny e-mails from people who visit the site–asking me for CDs to “help’ their teens or for CDs to “persuade” their parents to do something. Some of the site’s visitors, frighteningly, seem to take it as proof that the town really exists. I’ve gotten some very earnest queries for help from people who seem to think Candor, Florida will fix their family’s problems and I can’t decide if I’m being punked or if people are just really confused. I love when people comment on the bulletin board posts, on the site, offering to bring treats to the SAT study party!

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