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Debbie Ridpath Ohi reads, writes and illustrates for young people. Every few weeks, she shares new art, writing and resources; subscribe below. Browse the archives here.

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Squirrels are taking over the world! Don't believe me? Read my About Page, browse my squirrel photos/pics and follow this blog as well as my Squirrels Are Evil And Taking Over The World Facebook page. To see past entries, browse the Beware The Squirrel Archives.

And my picture book featuring Evil Squirrels (ok, maybe more bibliophilic than Evil) is now available!


Picture: Body Builder Squirrel


Body Builder Squirrel

(Sent from Flipboard)


Squirrels Continue Their Preparation For Taking Over The World


From Marsha Madinia Goldfarb McLean, via Helene Hollick


1888 Squirrel Attack

Squirrel Attack Headline -- from the 1800s!

More proof that squirrels have been gradually taking over the world ... from as early as the 1800s. (Thanks to Luisa Perrella for the link)


Squirrel Dalek creates dangerous new tree-climbing threat to Doctor Who


Thanks to Bruce Macintosh for pointing me to this article about squirrel-Dalek hybrids. :-)


"Stay alert for elevated squirrel activity" 

Thanks to Rob Wynne for this funny video. :-D



Video: Mission Impossible Squirrel

I've had this sent to me in the past, but thanks to my friend Larissa for reminding me about it:




Squirrels: an animal turning to the dark side...


Debbie (Ohi) with a Crazed Squirrel - by Amanda Bohnhoff

CrazedSquirrel AB

The drawing above is what finally tipped me over the edge in terms of motivation to start this collection of Proof The Squirrels Are Trying To Take Over The World (it is NOT a new blog! Honest!). I've been getting SOOOOOO much great stuff from friends re: the Evilitude Of Squirrels, but nowhere to collect it.

Amanda's mom, speculative fiction author Maya Bohnhoff, posted the above image in Facebook with the comment:

This is something Amanda drew when I told her her kitty cat looked more like a crazed squirrel. Naturally, this called for her to insert Debbie Ohi into the drawing.

Heh. It's my current Facebook profile pic.

Shadowgamescover 300

Maya is not only a fantastic writer but also performs with her husband Jeff and daughter Kristine. Check out some of the sample tracks of their Grated Hits CD, for example....especially TRACK 5, which mentions squirrels!

You can find out more about the Bohnhoffs at


Beware The Squirrel: Yes, the world NEEDS this blog

I know you're all wondering the same thing: does the world really NEED yet another "beware of the squirrels because they're eeeevil and taking over the world" blog?

My answer: YES.

A secondary reason: So many people have been sending me such informative and important cautionary material like the video above that it's clear that the scuridific beasts are succeeding in their insidious plot of global domination.

The world MUST be warned.


p.s. This really ISN'T  a new blog but rather an extension of, focusing on Evil Squirrel Miscellany. At least that's my justification.

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