May 14, 6-8 pm: Toronto Book Launch Party at Another Story Bookshop.

My first book as author/illustrator! Launches from Simon & Schuster in May/2015.

Read the *starred* review for WHERE ARE MY BOOKS? in Kirkus

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Tulip Friends plus BOOK TOUR and BOOK LAUNCH news and where I'll be posting

Wow, I can't believe it's May already! I saw bunches of small tulips for sale at our local supermarket while doing grocery shopping and bought myself a bunch. I put the vase on the kitchen counter where I can see them while I'm cooking; they make me happy every time I see them.

I found out why they were on sale; some of the tulips are starting to wilt already! Instead of throwing them out, I decided to turn one of them into a doodle. :-)

Leaving Sunday on a WHERE ARE MY BOOKS? book tour, and I'm excited about visiting libraries, schools and bookstores along the way! Thanks so much to Simon & Schuster Children's for making this book tour possible. I'll be livetweeting with the hashtag #WhereAreMyBooks, including found object doodles I do along the way. 

Those of you in Toronto are welcome to help celebrate the launch of my first solo picture book at Another Story Bookshop on May 14th, 6-8 pm.


Getting distracted by radishes while making dinner

I love doodling with radishes. Each is made unique because of the leafy bits and the end stem, and they are irresistable when it comes to food doodling.

Which is why dinner is late tonight.


What I saw in Jeff's discarded napkin at the Mandarin tonight

So I was out at the Mandarin for dinner with my husband, his brother and their father tonight. To prove how well the Jeff's family knows me, none of them thought it odd when I spent a while just STARING at Jeff's discarded paper napkin while the rest of them talked. And none of them thought I was weird when I said I wanted to take the napkin home with me.

Or maybe they're just used to my artsy weirdness by now. :-)


Doodling with a grape at Mandarin Restaurant


Lunchtime #tinydoodle with celery

Who says celery is boring?