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INSPIRE Toronto International Book Fair, and off to BoardGameGeek

Had a great time at the INSPIRE Toronto International Book Fair this past weekend! Thanks to the organizers and volunteers for putting on a great event. Thanks to Karen Krossing for taking this photo just before my NAKED! presentation:

Also thanks to Sue Carter Flinn, Cybele Young and Elly MacKay for a fascinating and fun panel discussion on redesigning book covers for classic children's books (I decided to change out of the pjs, as comfy as they were):

I've posted more photos on Flickr and Facebook, and have also been posting about the event on Twitter.

Now I'm off to Texas for the annual BoardGameGeek convention. Have a great week, all!


Doodle: Curiosity (and thoughts re: my cutehappy vs creepydark doodles)

Title: "Curiosity."

I recently had a great conversation with illustrator Jan Dolby about having multiple styles (both of us do). I told her that I've noticed my cute and happy illustrations always get way more Likes on FB than my darker/quirkier pieces, and I've been letting that influence the kind of doodles I create and post.

Friends who have known me the longest are familiar with my Edward Gorey-ish side (yes, I'm a huge fan!), and I've decided that while I'm still going to post my more joyful doodles , I'm no longer going to try suppressing my DarkerCreepyCute sketchy inclinations. 

Thanks, Jan, for the encouragement!

Above: I took a Limbo-influenced doodle I did back in 2012 and tweaked a figure a bit.


Doodle: "Riding Autumn"


Sunday afternoon doodle, for the pure fun of it: "Riding Autumn."


Cowpig doodle in ink, shadow and pepper shaker at The Granite Brewery


Vandalizing my Air Canada inflight magazine

Vandalizing the Air Canada inflight magazine in my seat pocket.

A photo posted by Debbie Ridpath Ohi (@inkygirl) on Oct 10, 2014 at 10:07pm PDT