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Included in BuzzFeed's list of 25 Absurdly Delightful Books To Read With Kids In 2015

My first book as author/illustrator! Launches from Simon & Schuster in May/2015.

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Naked! featured in the National Post!

Thanks so much to Anna Fitzpatrick for featuring NAKED! in her "Pants Optional: 2014's Best Books For Kids" article in the National Post. So thrilled to be included, considering the fine company!


Artplay doodle

Playing around with colors and mixed media as I prep for a book illustration project. Not having an Undo option is scary, but sometimes I really like the "accidents" that sometimes happen.


Why editors, agents and art directors research online before signing someone (and what they look for)

Just posted the results of my most recent publishing industry poll: Why editors, agents and art directors research online before signing someone (and what they look for)


Updated: My Life In A Nutshell comic ("Minecraft")

I've updated My Life In A Nutshell with a comic that is NOT based on real-life events. Nope, not one little bit.

I originally started playing Minecraft as a way of connecting with my nephews but then got hooked myself. Nowadays my favourite Minecraft server is one of GamingEdus's: a safe, beginner-friendly Minecraft Server geared toward K-12 educators and their families, supported by Ryerson University. "The GamingEdus project was founded with the goal of introducing educators to the learning potential of video games with a focus on equity, diversity, inclusion and student-led, inquiry-based learning." Educators: Find out more info, including how to join the multi-school GamingEdus server as well as Minecraft Guides For Educatorg:

Thanks to my friend Liam O'Donnell for the invite! Liam is an award-winning author and teacher who specializes in writing books that get reluctant readers reading. Find out more about Liam's upcoming Minecraft book series as well as his other work:


Print-ready winter holiday season note cards now available


Click image above to download the print-ready template for cards shown above

Save money on holiday season cards AND show some kidlit love with the winter-themed note cards above, featuring characters from I'M BORED and NAKED!, two picture books I illustrated, written by Michael Ian Black and published by Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers.

For the I'M BORED Ski Girl & Gift Card template, click here. For the envelope template and assembly instructions, see this page.

Here's what the free print-ready template for the I'M BORED/NAKED! theme combo looks like (prints on 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper or cardstock):


Download print-ready (8.5" x 11") card template.

Before cutting, doublecheck to make sure you are cutting along the right line (NOT the fold line). Like this:

Folded card is approximately 5.5" wide and 4.25" high, and should fit in a standard greeting card envelope. 

For other print-ready stationery and bonus activities, do visit my I'M BORED Bonus Page and NAKED! Bonus page.

Happy Holidays!