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Dinner doodle using a Pentel Pocket Pen Brush

I've gotten in the habit of carrying around a bundle of index cards wherever I go.

Don't ask me what this doodle's about; I have no idea. :-)


Morning doodle: Minecraft Story

Morning doodle: "Minecraft story." The first time I encountered an Enderman in Minecraft, I freaked out -- SO SCARY! But here's one who's not. I didn't want to have to draw all those little squares on the Minecraft block, so scooped it from the Minecraft site and added some charcoal bits.


Fox doodle for a friend

My friend Vixy/Michelle Dockrey likes foxes and it's her birthday today, so I started to do what was supposed to a quick doodle of a fox this aft. But then the water happened, and then I added a reflection; I'm not really sure where that come from, but I don't argue with my Muse when I'm doodling for fun. :-)


A Breakfast Doodle


Doodle: Monster Selfie

Title of this doodle: "Monster selfie." Just spent several hours playing around with custom brushes: created some by splattering/mixing watercolor on paper, scanning, tweaking the brush in Photoshop. Creating others by scanning a photo of a texture. HAD SO MUCH FUN. Anyway I added a boat floating high above and a monster just before posting this doodle, but the background textures are what I was focusing on this aft, in addition to Sea-Monkey and Bob sketches (and no, the monster is not part of the Sea-Monkey book :-)).