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Archive of older posts from my DebbieOhi.com front page.


Doodling With Celery Leaves : 11 sec video showing how I did it

Was about to throw out some wilted celery leaves but decided to do a short (11 seconds) doodle video with them first.

Materials used: Celery leaves, Pentel Pocket Brush, Derwent Inktense blocks, Cotman pan watercolors.

I love creating found object doodles and post them on Instagram"Found Object Art" gallery on Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr  and in my Found Object Art portfolio.


Distracted by laundry lint

Fun with laundry lint.

A photo posted by Debbie Ridpath Ohi (@inkygirl) on Jul 31, 2015 at 5:52am PDT


Here's why I had to cancel my SCBWI Summer Conference Los Angeles trip at the last minute

Yeah, well. Since I have to miss the SCBWI Summer Conference in Los Angeles this year, I figure I may as well get a comic strip out of it. 

I discovered that the antibiotic drops I was taking for pink eye made them much worse RIGHT before I was supposed to leave for LA. So I had a choice: to go anyway, or to cancel and see a doctor instead, just in case there was a more serious condition or at the very least to get other medication. I opted for the latter.

I'm relieved it's just pink eye and nothing serious, but a bit frustrated with timing.

For those who are curious, My Life In A Nutshell is my semi-autobiographic comic strip, infrequently updated and with wildly varying art throughout. I think of this strip as a combination of self-therapy and my creative petri dish. 


You never know where you'll find a book fairy

This bunch of hydrangea was too big to incorporate into a regular found object doodle, so I decided to put a doodle in the hydrangea instead. :-) If you like garden doodles, do check out @priscilladesign's Instagram feed. Her art is adorable and always makes me happy!


Reading Ninja: a cherry stain doodle