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Doodles, pomegranate seeds and madwomen

A photo posted by Debbie Ridpath Ohi (@inkygirl) on Apr 27, 2016 at 6:37am PDT


Doodled with a pomegranate seed during breakfast this morning. For lighting this time, I decided to take my pomegranate doodle outside to use the morning sunlight. As I experimented with tilting the piece of watercolour paper to minimize the shadow, I heard one of my neighbours leave for work and briefly wondered what he/she must think of me, crouching in front of the house in my uncombed morning hair and slobbycomfy clothes, hunched over a scrap of paper. Then I thought, who are you kidding? My neighbours are already used to me going out at odd hours and staring at bits of leaf trash and shadows like a madwoman. :-) 



Would appreciate advice/tips from those in the entertainment industry

Please read this post, thanks.


Gratitude: Ryan Couldrey

Gratitude Post: Thank you to Ryan Couldrey for his 2007 post in blogTO about my Will Write For Chocolate comic. Because of this post, interest in my webcomic soared and I also started getting a lot more Google juice in my online projects. Keep in mind that this was THREE YEARS before any publisher showed interest in my illustrations/comics.

Because of that post, I eventually became a blogTO contributor. You can see some of my posts here. I interviewed Bev Katz Rosenbaum years before I ended up meeting her in person through Torkidlit. And because of blogTO, I had some of my restaurant reviews and photos getting published in National Post!

I've appreciated Ryan's encouragement and support of my work over the years, and will never forget that first interview.

You can find out more about Ryan and his work at You can also find him on Vimeo, Behance, Youtube,Twitter, Instagram and his blog.

Especially check out his Snow - The Film, which is based on Snow: A Graphic Novel Set in Toronto.

Here's a fun pic of Ryan shooting a pic of Patricia Storms at a National Cartoonists Party in 2008:


Handwritten Journal entry: Missing SCBWI-LA


Gratitude: Lawrence Schimel

Thank you to my friend Lawrence Schimel​, for his support and advice early on, before I had any children's books out in the wild. I just wish he didn't live so far away!

In addition to being a writer, poet and translator, Lawrence is also publisher at A Midsummer Night's Press​ (he's worked with authors like Jane Yolen, Joe Haldeman and Nancy Willard!). You can find out more about his press at

p.s. I especially love his Fairy Tales For Writers.