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Reminder: Do regular backups!

I hope you’re all doing well out there! I’m sure I’m not the only who had trouble focusing earlier in the pandemic. Getting back on track these days, including making sure my backup system is working. Do your backups, everyone!

Comic: You may be luckier than you think

Writers & illustrators: It’s tough sometimes (especially on social media re: publication news, book lists, awards etc), but try very hard to RESIST COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS. Focus on enjoying your own journey. You may be luckier than you think.

Advice for those who are finishing up their NaNoWriMo stories

To those finishing their #NaNoWriMo stories: congrats! Be proud. But whatever you do, RESIST THE URGE to send it out on submission right away. Let it sit for a while first. Then edit. Also, agents/editors often get inundated with unedited mss right after NanoWriMo, so are more likely to be . . .