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I'm Bored Bonus Page
I'm Worried


by Debbie Ridpath Ohi
(last updated December 23, 2018)


CATEGORY INDEX: By picture book - Posters - Bookmarks - Picture Book Creators - Young Writers - Young Illustrators - Cartoonists - Reading logs & recommendation sheets (including Donalyn Miller's 40 Book Challenge) - Gift Cards & Certificates - Crafts - Calligraphy

*** Looking for the 40 Book Challenge forms that Donalyn Miller has endorsed beside her own? Here they are. ***

I'm gradually compiling a list of links to all my print-ready handouts, stationery and other bonus goodies that are currently spread throughout various book-related pages and blog posts. All are FREE to download and print for personal or school use. Teachers and librarians: do you have an idea for a new illustrated activity sheet that would also be of use to others? If so, please let me know!

Also see my FOR THE LOVE OF READING resource page for activity sheets, posters and bookmarks focusing on literacy, and my SUMMER READING RESOURCE page with summer-focused reading recommendation sheets and other print-ready material.


Click on any of the following books for extra bonus material where you'll find free print-ready activity sheets, Teacher Guides, posters, bookmarks and more:

Teacher's Guide Teacher's Guide
Teacher's Guide
Teacher's Guide
Teacher's Guide
Teacher's Guide

Teacher Guides

Teacher Guides




Clicking on most of the following links will prompt an immediate download. 

In some cases, you will be given a preview instead. Make sure the file is a PDF (look at browser bar to see what the ending of the file name is) before copying, else you may be copying a low-res version that won't print very well. To download a PDF file form a preview, click with the Ctrl key and hold (Mac) or right mouse click (PC) on the image until a dialog box appears. At that point, you'll be asked where you want to save the image to.

If you're using the latter method to copy an online image for personal use, always make sure you state the source of the image, if the image itself doesn't include copyright info.


COLORING PAGES: There are too many of these to list individually; see the print-ready book bonus pages above.





Book Recommendation Bookmarks: Squirrel author Squirrel author/illus

4 bookmarks to a page
3 bookmarks to a page
4 bookmarks to a page
4 bookmarks to a page
. 4 bookmarks to a page



WRITING AND ILLUSTRATING PICTURE BOOKS (teen or adult): Thumbnail sketch template from my Picture Book Creation series - my post about creating templates for my picture book process - 40-page self-ended picture book thumbnail template (interior illustrations) - Brainstorming template: picture book spread (square) - Brainstorming template: picture book spread (landscape)

Also see activity sheets for Young Illustrators and Young Cartoonists.


. .

Click image below or here for a Story Starter booklet PDF that prints one ONE double-sided sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper. Cut along solid lines, fold along middle and staple. If you're still confused, here are detailed instructions. I recommend printing one testing booklet first.

FOR YOUNG WRITERS: This section is still being updated! Aim to finish by end of summer 2017.

I'm Bored  theme freeform writing pages: ballerina with potato - astronaut - warrior princess and potato | NAKED! theme freeform writing pages: caped boy reading book | WHERE ARE MY BOOKS? theme writing pages: Lined with boy hugging book - Lined with dancing squirrel - Page from book outline with half blank for drawing, half lined - Minecraft-themed writing and reading sheets - Freckle Juice-themed writing and reading sheets - Robert Cormer poster about not worrying about getting it right the first time - MINECRAFT theme: Creeper wider-spaced writing sheet - Creeper regular writing sheet

FOR YOUNG POETS (also see my Poetry For Young Readers page): Haiku poster - Poetry worksheet


Also see my "Look Again" Found Object Art page for young artists, which includes found object art templates: Bird - Monster - Monsters - Found Object Art Instructions - BunnyMonsterThing - Draw costume for boy from NAKED! - Draw a Halloween picture (WHERE ARE MY BOOKS? theme)

. . .

FOR YOUNG CARTOONISTS: 4-panel template - 9-panel template 

Click on any image below for the PDF.



READING (also see For The Love Of Reading, Summer Reading and the list of print-ready posters earlier in this page).


, , ,

Donalyn Miller's 40 Book Challenge

NOTE: For more information about Donalyn Miller's 40 Book Challenge, please see her post "The 40 Book Challenge Revisited" and this video interview with Donalyn on Reading Rockets as well as her fantastic books, THE BOOK WHISPERER and READING IN THE WILD.

. . .


LIBRARIES AND LIBRARIANS: "For Our Librarian" gift card (I'm Bored theme) - Poster:  "Without libraries, what do we have? We have no past and no future" - Ray Bradbury  -  

TEACHERS: "For My Teacher" gift card (I'm Bored theme) 

I'm Bored theme GIFT CARDS for other occupations: Dentist (her)/Dentist (his) - Doctor (her)/ Doctor (his) - Piano Teacher - Pediatrician (her) / Pediatrician (his) -  I'm Bored ballerina - Also see occupations-focused gift cards under "Organized By Topic"

MINECRAFT-themed activity sheets



GIFT-GIVING OR NOTECARDS: Gift Of Time certificate for readers, writers and illustrators - Print-ready gift cards with non-snarky and snarky I'm Bored theme) - Ballerina card - "A gift for someone who is never ever bored" - Also see occupations-focused gift cards under "Organized By Topic". Print-ready gift cards with a Where Are My Books? theme. -  Spencer and squirrels with books (Where Are My Books? theme) gift card - Spencer and sister reading Where Are My Books? gift card 

WINTER: See Debbie's print-ready Winter-themed bonus goodies including posters, cards, gift tags, and activity sheets.

EASTER: I'm Bored girl in bunny ears with Potato basket gift card

THANKSGIVING: "I am thankful for" writing and drawing sheets (I'm Bored theme) - Potato Thanksgiving card templates in color - b&w with caption - b&w with no caption

HALLOWEEN: See my Halloween-themed activity sheets for young readers page.

HANUKKAH: Happy Hanukkah book-reading gift card (I'm Bored theme) in color and b&w.

BABY SHOWER GIFT CARD: A Gift For The Baby ballerina card (pink border or yellow border) - Congrats On Being New Parents (I'm Bored Theme, also see single parent option)

RELATIVES: I'm Bored theme gift cards for granddaughter (rarely bored/never ever bored), grandson (rarely bored/never ever bored), grandma, niece (rarely bored, never ever bored), nephew (rarely bored/ never ever bored), grandpa, godchild, aunt, uncle, daughter, son.



CRAFT INSTRUCTIONS: How To Create A Potato Stamp (I'm Bored theme), How To Make A Book Cover Out Of A Paper Bag

MASKS AND PUPPETS: Where Are My Books? masks: Spencer - Squirrel - Sister - Dad - Mom | Where Are My Books? finger puppets: Spencer & his Mom - Sis and Dad - Squirrels, Narwhal and Book I'm Bored! finger puppets (girl, flamingo, potato)

Click image below for a design-your-own mask template and instructions:



I've been gradually learning how to do types of calligraphy, and created my own practice template. Feel free to download and use for your own personal use!