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Tea bag lady


Fun with pumpkin seeds


An #inktober cat for Lee Wardlaw

A while back as part of an art challenge for myself, I asked people to suggest animals for me to draw in my Daily Sketch project -- animals I don't normally draw. You can see links to past animals & people's suggestions here.

This cat is for Lee Wardlaw. I was aiming for a creeping/hunting pose, but the limbs don't look quite right. I find it's easy to draw cats in sitting poses and curled up poses, but I need more practice drawing "in action" poses.

Created in ink (Pentel Pocket Brush) and almonds.


A bulldog for Emma Dryden

A while back as part of an art challenge for myself, I asked people to suggest animals for me to draw in my Daily Sketch project. You can see links to past animals & people's suggestions here.

This bulldog is for Emma Dryden.

I created it entirely in Photoshop using Alex Dukal brushes. I've been playing around with his new Cartoonist brushes and love the hand-drawn look. Also used his 2B Pencil brush from his AD Artbox 1 kit.

I was just going to do the bulldog but then thought it would add an extra level of fun to include a REASON for him looking somewhat peeved. :-)


Shadow Cat Doodle

Out of context and transformed by the added ink lines, the shadow above doesn't look like a shadow anymore, does it? The illusion was so complete that when it came time to take the photo, I kept having to resist the urge to move the flower so I could get a better shot.

I love creating found object doodles and post them on Instagram"Found Object Art" gallery on Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr  and in my Found Object Art portfolio.