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Bonus Info: Ookla The Mok's song about WHERE ARE MY BOOKS?

If you have trouble seeing the plugin above, you can go directly to Ookla's "Where Are My Books" Soundcloud page. If you'd like to download the song, it's now available on CDBaby, Amazon and iTunes.

Here's a behind-the-scenes video by Doug White and Michael Ilasi of how the song was recorded:

Thanks to my friends Rand Bellavia and Adam English (a.k.a. Ookla The Mok) for writing, arranging, performing and recording this song for me to help promote my book. Rand is a library director, and Adam is a freelance artist; you can read more about them on their website. We've been friends for many years, and I'm a longtime fan of their work. I also played flute on one of their first albums together ("Still Can't Buy Me Love" track on their Less Than Art album).

My current favourite Ookla CD is their OOKLA THE MOK: VS EVIL album. Especially fun for comics fans but also fellow science fiction media fans! You can buy the album or individual tracks on iTunes, plus listen to sample clips.

Thanks also to Michael Mallory for the bass guitar track:

and Doug White of Watchmen Studios for the amazing guitar solo plus the editing, mixing and mastering:

Thanks again to Ookla The Mok for the song about my book! I encourage you all to check out their website at

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