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Welcome to our site! We're a Toronto-based filk trio consisting of Allison Durno, Jodi Krangle and Debbie Ridpath Ohi and have performed concerts in Germany, England, Canada and the U.S. Our songs have aired on national radio. 2013 will mark our twentieth year together as a group and as cool is that?

We have won four Pegasus Awards including two for Best Performer, two for songs ("The Lady" and "My Jalapeno Man"), and were honoured to have been inducted into the Filk Hall Of Fame in 2011.

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Song: The Question (An Important Debate About The Lord Of The Rings Movies)


By Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Performing "The Question" at a Tolkien conventionI wrote this song back when Allison, Jodi and I were watching the Lord Of The Rings movies. Apologies for the abysmal art in the above Waiting For Frodo comic, but keep in mind I did it in 2002.

I posted these lyrics especially for Navah Wolfe. :-)

A = Allison
J = Jodi
D = Debbie


A: Sat down and watched Lord of the Rings yesterday
J: The extended version?
A: Of course, what do you take me for?
J: Did you notice Aragorn’s eyes
A: Oh, Aragorn’s eyes, oh yes I did
J & A: & D Uh-huh
J: But y’know I kinda like the elf
A: He’s too young
J: Maybe for you
A: But he sure knows how to wield a bow
J & A & D: Yes, he knows how to wield a bow!

A: Gimli’s kinda cute in a short and hairy way
J: You must be kidding
A: Of course I am or maybe not
J: Did you notice Boromir’s smile
A & D: Oh Boromir’s smile, oh yes we did
J & A & D: Uh huh
A: But y’know that Faramir has the look
J: What look?! He broods too much!
A: He so does NOT
J: Yes he does and you should know!
A&D: what do you know?

A: Wormtongue does annoy J: Well, what about Merry?
A: He’s the sort who’s needy
A: Theodon is too royal! J: Gimli’s hairy
and too short! A: You’re greedy!

A: You must admit that Saruman has bad boy allure
J: What about Frodo Baggins?
A: Too short, angst-ridden, way too pure
J: Did you notice Eomer’s scowl
A & D: Oh Eomer’s scowl, oh yes we did
J & A & D: Uh huh

They all are decent guys, all legendary
But In the end there’s only one we’d marry
And of course that’s Sam!
And of course that’s Sam!

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