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Debbie Ridpath Ohi reads, writes and illustrates for young people. Every few weeks, she shares new art, writing and resources; subscribe below. Browse the archives here.

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Debbie's second picture book launches on Oct. 17, 2017!

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(Last updated May 15, 2018)

For media contacts, basic book info, author bio, etc. please see my SAM & EVA Media Package. Also see my SAM & EVA Honours & Awards page.

"This whimsical picture book, with its refreshing take on imagination, is ideal for teaching young readers the value of teamwork." - Quill & Quire, Dec/2017 (*starred review*)

"Clever use of digital art showcases Eva and Sam in grayscale against white pages, which allows their colorful artwork to pop off the page in this homage to creativity and working together. VERDICT Fans of Crockett Johnson’s Harold and the Purple Crayon and the more recent trilogy of Journey, Return, and Quest by Aaron Becker will appreciate this tale of artistic identity. Fun to read aloud or share with a small group." - School Library Journal's September 2017 Popular Picks

"Teamwork saves the day, at least for now, but a new drawing begins on the last page. Funny and imaginative, the story offers ideas for discussion about cooperation and problem solving." - Booklist Online

"Sam is just beginning to draw when Eva shows up (it appears he is using a blank wall as a canvas, an action that never has any consequences in this story; this is one of those delightful children's books where adults just straight-up don't exist)....As they get so wrapped up in trying to one-up each other, Sam completely forgets that he never wanted Eva there in the first place. Their friendly rivalry begets a certain type of co-operation, and both their creative selves are better for it." - The Globe & Mail, Nov.4/2017


"A power tussle between two kids plays out through mischievous drawings....Eva, who’s Asian, and Sam, who’s black, are full of movement, their postures and facial expressions different on every spread. When their mural becomes frantic and out of hand, the kids escape in a way that Crockett Johnson’s Harold would be proud of." - Kirkus Reviews, July 17, 2017

"Ohi (Where Are My Books?) celebrates creativity and cooperation in this story of two young artists...Ohi paints the children in grayscale, letting the vivid, colorful chaos of their mural-in-progress reflect the intensity of their feelings and wildness of their imaginations." - Publishers Weekly, August 14, 2017

"Why we chose it: This sweet story about the power of teamwork promises to be both imaginative and funny. Toronto-based artist Debbie Ridpath Ohi is the author of Where Are My Books? and has illustrated several Judy Blume books." - CBC Books, "10 Picture Books You'll Want To Check Out This Fall"

"This unexpected 'creativity clash' between young Sam and Eva are a treat to see. In the spirit of Journey by Aaron Becker and Dog Loves Drawing by Louise Yates, these two frenemies literally draw worlds and characters of the imagination with crayons and paint brushes that eventually take over and spin out of control. In this hilarious story, Ohi brings a playful edge to a friendly competition full of fun confetti, expressive kid-drawn dinosaurs, even capturing a chaotic, wordless moment in between." - Sarah Momo Romero, Children's Book Academy

"Sam & Eva is a book your kids will want to read again and again! It is light and playful; inspiring kids to imagine and be creative while collaborating. Definitely add this to your child’s bedtime reading list." - Caroline Fernandez, Parent Club

"A clever story of creative conflict and co-operation that will be sure to delight budding artists who can watch the drawings take on personalities Sam and Eva never imagined. Like the creative 'muse' in all of us ... you never know where your pen - or brush - will take you." - Darlene Jacobson's blog review

"Sam and Eva captures a common friendship problem: when one person wants to join in the fun, but the other person would rather work (or play) alone. Sam draws creative creatures and crazy scenes, but Eva always feels she can top his latest creation. As the tension escalates, readers begin to wonder how the friends will ever find common ground. Sam and Eva surprise us just in time." - Miss Magee's Reads: A Literacy Blog

"It's funny, it's imaginative and the situation is easy to sympathize with. Every page brings something new and unexpected, and reels the reader right in....There is a message, and it melds seamlessly with the fun. Even the ending is sure to draw a smirk and a laugh before kids will demand to hear/see the entire tale again." - Bookworm For Kids

"I loved this book! Debbie is so good - she can convey so much emotion in a smile that's just on eline across the face of a crayon wall-drawing, it's astonishing." - Beth Stilborn