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(Last updated May 1, 2017)

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"Final Verdict: This would be the perfect read for the aspiring ballerina. It also taught that if you work hard and clean up after yourself, then you can do what you love." - YA Books Central, June 2017

"Small children who love to wear pink and plié around the house will find this an agreeable read." - Kirkus Reviews, April/2017.

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HarperCollins Children's webpage about Ruby Rose, Off To School She Goes.

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"There are plenty of Ruby Roses out in library land who will enjoy this sweet story." - School Library Journal (Jan/2016)

"The text abounds with dance vocabulary, and the illustrations terrifically show the sheer joy of moving and grooving. Characters are outlined in heavy black lines and pop off the pages, adding to the already kinetic feel. This fun tale will inspire young dancers, help readers get through that first day of school, and encourage free spirits to do their own thing." - Booklist (Dec/2015)

"Ruby Rose's joyful movement comes across on every page. Her classmates are realistically multicultural and delightfully cheerful. And her wide-eyed mom, after receiving a surprise on the last page, is priceless. Ruby Rose: Off to School She Goes will please any kid who likes to dance. Kids who have difficulty sitting still, or fitting into the routines of school in general, will also relate to Ruby Rose's plight, and smile at her irrepressible spirit." - Jen Robinson's Book Page

"Ruby Rose dances her way through her first day of school, staying true to herself despite the chaos that ensues....Ruby Rose, Off to School She Goes delivers a vibrant, fun character kids will love." - Readerly (July 2, 2016)