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Debbie Ridpath Ohi reads, writes and illustrates for young people. Every few weeks, she shares new art, writing and resources; subscribe below. Browse the archives here.

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Also see Debbie's Free Print-Ready Archives. And if you like these particular activity sheets but prefer a NON-Minecraft theme, see my Freckle Juice-themed reading/writing activity sheets.

(Last updated March 3, 2016)

The following are free print-ready resources with a Minecraft theme (for NON-Minecraft resources, please see one of the links above). My nephews got me hooked on Minecraft years ago and I've remained hooked every since. What I like about Minecraft: the potential for creativity. It's like virtual Lego, except you can build much more complex and interactive structures. Advanced Minecraft users have built computer circuits using the redstone technology in Minecraft (I'm still learning about redstone). Plus you can raise animals and harvest various plants for food and light and books. Yes, I said BOOKS -- you can actually create a book that you can write in. If you're an educator interested in classroom applications for Minecraft, I urge you to check out

Anyway, I'll be gradually adding to the following resources over time.

Preview - Download
Preview - Download  Preview - Download
Preview - Download Preview - Download  

Don't forget -- if you like the activity sheets above but prefer NOT having a Minecraft theme, try these instead.