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Debbie Ridpath Ohi reads, writes and illustrates for young people. Every few weeks, she shares new art, writing and resources; subscribe below. Browse the archives here.

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"Read I'M BORED to children's choir last evening. They have never, ever laughed aloud so much! Reading Success!" - Twitter post by Marjorie Bowman


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***Also see Print-Ready I'M BORED Gift Cards & Envelopes - Note that many of these gift card templates could be used as bookplates & gift tags as well! Just cut out the image part of the card & ignore the rest.



(Last updated November 8, 2013)

A bookplate is a small print or decorative label pasted into a book (usually on the inside front cover), traditionally to indicate its owner. I've designed some bookplates that you can print out yourself to stick in the front of your copy of I'M BORED before you present it as a gift as well as more traditional "From the Library Of" bookplates. Note that you can also use the "To: and From:" bookplates designs as fun gift tags as well!



Print-Ready Bookplate and Gift Tag Designs:

Blank labels (Avery 5164)

Blank with cutlines

To: From: (Avery 5164)

From The Library Of (Avery 5164)

More holiday bookplates

designs coming soon!

To: and From:
From The Library Of:

To: and From:
(with cut lines)

From The Library Of:
(with cut lines)


Because of increased postage costs in Canada, I am no longer able to provide signed bookplates, sorry. :-(

Looking for snarkier cards or thinking of getting I'M BORED as a gag gift for a grown-up? Visit the I'M BORED Snarky Stationery Options Page.

How To Use These Bookplate Designs:

Click on any of the following thumbnails to get a print-ready PDF.

1. Print on either an Avery adhesive label sheet (8.5" x 11" or Avery #5164 for pre-cut labels) or plain paper.

2. If you're not using Avery #5164 labels, then you'll need to cut out the bookplates yourself. I advise using a straight ruler and pencil to mark your cut lines first, or use the versions with the cut lines.

3. If using plain paper and not an Avery label sheet, then you'll need to find a way to stick the label into the front of the book. You could use an acid-free glue stick or acid-free double-sided tape on the back of the bookplate.

Copyright: Note that these illustrations are © Debbie Ridpath Ohi and are provided for creating bookplates and gift tags for personal copies of I'M BORED. Please do not modify them in any way. If you have questions about usage, please contact me to ask.

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