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The Phonecall

The whole Inkspot sale really did start with a phone call back in 2000, though not from the company that ended up buying Inkspot. The phone call was from Barnes & Noble, and they wanted to meet with me about my website.

It took me a few seconds before I realized that it really WASN'T a prank call. Holy cow.

Sure, I said. They suggested that they could either meet at my office, or at their office in NYC.

I remember briefly looking around my tiny cluttered home office, then saying I preferred to meet at their location. :-) Anyway ... I didn't end up working with B&N but I did get to have brunch with Steve Riggio, which was fun -- I love his enthusiasm and energy! Other once-in-a-lifetime experiences around that time: getting to see the famous door-tables at Amazon headquarters, lunch with the VP of Random House, giving a presentation in the Hercules room at the Barnes & Noble headquarters in NYC. 

Anyway, I want to clarify that my strips about the Inkspot sale are NOT based on any of the above-named companies, nor is my comic meant to be an exact recounting of my experience for the company that I -did- end up working with. The strips are very loosely based on my time in Philadelphia.

I've been approached one publishing industry type who suggested I write a book about my adventure. Also by other sites for writers inviting me to get involved in management. I've politely declined -- I'd rather look forward than back, and work on other creative writing and illustrating books for young people.

For a one-page summary of my corporate experience, see my Woodpile Philosophy page. For other info, see my Inkspot Epilogue.

To go to the next strip in this story, go to the navigation links just above the strip title ("The Phonecall") and click on the leftmost link, "Like A Lamb."

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