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Debbie Ridpath Ohi reads, writes and illustrates for young people. Every few weeks, she shares new art, writing and resources; subscribe below. Browse the archives here.

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Welcome to my semi-autobiographical comic, My Life In A Nutshell! Sporadically updated. Almost always lagging behind real life events and with wildly inconsistent art throughout. I think of this strip as my comic playground and creative petri dish.

Here are the My Life In A Nutshell archives. If you're mainly interested in the bit where I sell my website and move to the U.S. for a while, start here. Or if you prefer, you can start at the beginning

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I'm Bored

I know I said I was going to start at the very beginning, but I realize I've already told this story in this blog post. So I'm going to focus on the publication process instead: working with Justin Chanda and Laurent Linn at Simon & Schuster Books For Children, working on my first picture book etc.

Please note that this is my SEMI-autobiographical comic, so I will be exerting some creative license (BWAhahaha...). For those interested in actual facts, photos, and sample spreads, I'll be posting those on the I'm Bored Facebook Page and I'm Bored Google+ Page.

Info about the book, for those of you who hadn't heard:

I'M BORED is a new picture book written by Michael Ian Black and illustrated by yours truly, coming out from Simon & Schuster Books For Children in 2012.