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Debbie Ridpath Ohi reads, writes and illustrates for young people. Every few weeks, she shares new art, writing and resources; subscribe below. Browse the archives here.

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Main NAKED! Bonus Page


-- Sample illustrations and rough sketches.


-- Scrapbook of press and other fun news.

NAKED! Book Tour - report with photos.

NAKED! Press

-- Reviews and quotes.

Teacher's Guide and Classroom Resources

-- Free Teacher's Classroom Guide to NAKED! by educational consultant Marcie Colleen, plus other resources for teachers and librarians and info about Debbie's Skype visits.

Printables and other fun

-- Activity sheets, note card templates and more

Reader Gallery

-- Do you have fun photos to share? Also browse other people's submissions.

How NAKED! Was Made

-- A step-by-step guide for young readers, with photos and sketches.

Write to the illustrator

-- Teachers: if your class sends snailmail to Debbie, she will write back with doodles!

Site map

-- You're looking at it. :-)