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What people are saying about I'M BORED:

"Read I'M BORED to children's choir last evening. They have never, ever laughed aloud so much! Reading Success!" - Twitter post by Marjorie Bowman


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Also see the I'M BORED Scrapbook Journal, which includes info about how I'M BORED was created.



 (Thanks to Dani Young and Amy Jacobson for helping to compile this info!)

While Michael Ian Black wrote I'M BORED and Debbie Ridpath Ohi illustrated the story, there are so many other people at Simon & Schuster who helped create, produce, market and publicize the book as well as people at Curtis Brown Ltd. Debbie hopes to add photos of many of these people over time, so please do check back! Also see How I'M BORED Was Created.

The following is a list of just some of the people at Simon & Schuster who helped create, produce, market, publicize and sell I'M BORED:

Editor & Publisher: Justin Chanda (above)

 --- Also see my blog post, A Thank You To Justin Chanda and Simon & Schuster Children's

Art Director & Designer: Laurent Linn (above)


Publicists: Nicole Russo (U.S.), Amy Jacobson (Canada)

Production Manager: Chava Wolin

Production Editor: Dorothy Gribbin

Marketing: Chrissy Noh and Elke Villa

Associate Marketing Manager (Canada): Michelle Blackwell

Assistant Editor: Dani Young

Since this photo was taken, Dani has been promoted to Assistant Editor


Tracy Philips, Co-editions & Rights Director

Ruth Middleton

Nino Tarkhan-Mouravi

Stephanie Purcell

Kim Van Berkel

The Translation Rights team at Simon & Schuster UK. From left to right: Ruth Middleton, Nino Tarkhan-Mouravi, Tracy Philips, Stephanie Purcell and Kim Van Berkel.

Thanks also to the Foreign Rights team at Curtis Brown Ltd for their help in getting I'M BORED translated into other languages!



Michael Selleck - EVP Sales .S&S Inc.

Allison Tyler  - Assistant to EVP Sales and Marketing


Eileen Gentillo - VP, Director, Sales & Client Comm.

Elizabeth Worthy - Manager, Author Events & Sales Meetings

Gillian Cowin - Sales Coordinator

Nicole Cacioppo - Manager, Materials

Marrah Fry - Sales Coordinator

Danielle Radutzky - Sales Coordinator

Sean Duffy - Manager


Michael Perlman,  Ghenet Powell,  Anne Garcia,  Megan Wheeler


Nancy Purcell - Director of Sales (Children's)

Shara Alexa - Manager (Children's Sales)


Seth Russo - VP, Director, International Sales

Danielle Cumbo - Director, International Sales

Edison Garcia - Assistant Manager

Justin Thompson Tucker - International Marketing Manager

Hilary Lear - International Sales Manager

Tritia Thamrongnawasawad - Associate Sales Manager- Asia

Lauren Weidner - Associate Sales Manager- Latin America

Jill Su Sales Mgr, Northa Asia – China, Hong Kong and Taiwan


Gary Urda - VP, Director

April Reid Sr.  - Sales Coordinator

Jane Schanski - National Accounts Manager


John Hardy - Senior Director, Wal-Mart Sales

Alexia Delman - Sales Coordinator

Kathryn Iverson - Regional Acct Manager

Lisa Zechman - National Account Manager - News Group, All Divisions

Jessica Ko - National Accounts Manager, All Divisions

Rachel Huffine - Telemarketing Account Manager

Gene Wilson - National Accounts Manager, Anderson Merch


Colin Shields - VP of Digital Sales

Chrissy Festa - National Accounts Manager

Michael Carley - National Account Manager Amazon

Bryn Manion - National Account Manager


Mary Marotta - VP, Director, Children's Sales

Christina Pecorale - Director, National Accounts - Children's

Brian, Kelleher - Director

Michelle O'Brien - Coordinator

Teresa Brumm - National Account Manager

Jim Conlin - National Account Manager

Victor Iannone - National Account Manager

Lorelei Kelly - National Account Manager

Clubs & Mass Merch - Children's

Mary Faria Director - Children's Clubs & Mass Merch.

Annalise Van Houten  - Children's Sales Coordinator

Jerry Jensen  - National Accounts Manager - Children's

Karen Lahey  - National Accounts Manager - Children's

Lisa Zechman -   National Accounts Manager

Field & Telemarketing

Michael Croy Director - Field Sales

Amy Schoppert  - Field Acct Mgr

Kelly Stidham  - Field Acct Mgr

John Muse  - Field Acct Mgr

Leah Hays  - Field Acct Mgr

Tim Hepp  - Field Acct Mgr

Cheri Hickman  - Field Acct Mgr

Brian Kelleher  - Children’s Specialist

Toi Crockett  - Telemarketing Manager

Karen Fink  - Telemarketing Manager

Whitney Jacoby  - Telemarketing Manager

Stuart Smith  - Telemarketing Manager

Brandy Hebert  - Online Demand

Gail Hitchcock  - Telesales

Elizabeth Monaghan  - Telesales

Barbara Roach  - Telesales


Specialty Retail, CBA

Somya Ojakli  - Senior Director

Jeffrey Pena  - Sales Coordinator

Jonathan Earls Director  - Specialty Retail

Christopher Long  - Key Account Manager, CBA

Cynthia Pallisco Manager  - Specialty Retail Gift Sales

Wilkin Cabrera  - Sales Coordinator

Stacey Trimble  - Manager, National Accounts & New Business Development

Norma Lippincott  - Telesales Manager

Roxanne Hagy  - Specialty Retail

Helen Griffin  - Retail Sales Manager

Premium, Corporate, Author Sales

Laura Ferguson  - Director, Premium, Custom, CDP

Arthur Sesselberg  - Manager, Custom Publishing

Taline Najarian  - Manager, Premium & Corporate Sales

Melanie Navre  - Sales Coordinator

Samantha Goldman  - Manager, CDP

Heidi Martinez  - Sales Coordinator

Specialty Wholesale

Anne Rogers  - Director, Specialty Wholesale & Mail Order

Jennifer Grojean  - Assistant Manager, Specialty Wholesale & Mail Order Sales

Diane Rosa  - Assistant, Specialty Wholesale & Mail Order Sales

Theresa Pang  - Manager - Mail Order Sales

Stephanie Hankers