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Thanks to Missouri preschoolers and kindergarteners for choosing NAKED!


WOW!!!!! Totally thrilled to discover that NAKED! has won the 2015 Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award. More info here.


I'm over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast today!

I am ***TOTALLY THRILLED*** to visit Julie Danielson's Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast blog today. I've been a fan of both Jules and her blog for years, so am blown away both by the hono(u)r and all the work she put into this interview.




Found Object Art: Reading With Orange Peels


What I Found On My Walk (Part 2)

So I was walking up Christie Street in Toronto and noticed a splotch on the sidewalk:

Fascinated by the unusual shape, I snapped a photo with my iPhone and when I got home, here's what happened:



Next time you're out for a walk, don't overlook the random splotches (unless they're THOSE kind of random splotches, if you know what I mean). You never know where you'll find creative inspiration next.

Also see What I Found On My Walk (Part 1).


Debbie Alvarez, Dancing

I was deeply saddened by the recent passing of Debbie Alvarez, a.k.a. The Styling Librarian.

The illustration above is dedicated to Debbie, who told me how she much she enjoyed the way I could find beauty in the ordinary. The background: a photo I took in a drive-through car wash (see my previous two entries for other doodles inspired by the same car wash drive-through).

In the foreground: Debbie Alvarez, who was anything but ordinary.