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Society6 offering free shipping for one day

Several people at conventions I recently attended have asked me where they can buy one of my book-themed bags. I don't publicize this much, but the tote bags are available on Society6; in order to buy the tote bags myself, I had to publicly offer them for sale. All my Society6 profits until August are being donated to First Book, a nonprofit organization which helps get new books into the hands of low-income families with children. If you are a school or program which serves children from low-income families, do consider signing up for FirstBook.

Anyway, Society6 is offering FREE SHIPPING for just one day (today, April 20, 2015), so if you've been wanting one of the bags, now is probably a good time to grab one.

***Warning to Canadians: You will likely get charged a hefty customs fee when your package arrives. I say "likely" because I've been charged a big customs fee every time except for the most recent package. Not sure if Society6 is shipping to Canada a different way now, or my custom-free order was just a fluke.