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Updated: My Life In A Nutshell comic ("Minecraft")

I've updated My Life In A Nutshell with a comic that is NOT based on real-life events. Nope, not one little bit.

I originally started playing Minecraft as a way of connecting with my nephews but then got hooked myself. Nowadays my favourite Minecraft server is one of GamingEdus's: a safe, beginner-friendly Minecraft Server geared toward K-12 educators and their families, supported by Ryerson University. "The GamingEdus project was founded with the goal of introducing educators to the learning potential of video games with a focus on equity, diversity, inclusion and student-led, inquiry-based learning." Educators: Find out more info, including how to join the multi-school GamingEdus server as well as Minecraft Guides For Educatorg:

Thanks to my friend Liam O'Donnell for the invite! Liam is an award-winning author and teacher who specializes in writing books that get reluctant readers reading. Find out more about Liam's upcoming Minecraft book series as well as his other work:

Reader Comments (1)

I took a break from Minecraft for 6 months or so after the server I played on regularly shut down. I've just recently started playing again. I'm usually playing on BritCraft ( My Minecraft name is Line__Noise (two underscores). I'm not addicted at all. I can quit any time I want. Just let me break one more block . . .

Many, many (many!) years ago I was involved in a project to build a virtual educational environment. Back in those days everything was text based using MUD (Multi User Dungeon) software. We had a virtual science lab where you could run experiments and I built a virtual version of Melbourne, Australia. I had just started investigating a way to add graphics to the system when real life got in the way and the project ran out of steam. Just think, I could have ended up inventing Minecraft in the mid 1990s!

December 16, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterShane
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