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What's the 'Filk Film Project'? Where can I see it?

The Filk Film Project is a documentary about filk and filk community.

From their Web site:
In August 2005, Karen Praxel, Darrin Kean and Erin Kean were introduced to Filk through their friend Teresa Powell, a member of The Three Weird Sisters, at ConChord in Los Angeles. We three friends came away from the LA Filk Con feeling that the story of Filk must be told. We were fascinated and intrigued by the music, intelligence and humor and were compelled to explore the possibility of creating a respectful and humorous film about

Updated July 4th (for some reason I never received Karen's initial reply from months ago but Teresa was kind enough forward it to me):
Hi Debbie!!

Karen Praxel here, from the filk film project.

Theresa forwarded your e-mail inquiry to me. Here is the current status of the film. We have a year's worth (about 100 hours!) of fabulous footage, loads of excitement and no money! Also, we are at a bit of a stand still due to a change in tactic about how we are going to edit the film. While we are creative, smart, enthusiastic people who could probably figure it out (as was our original intention.....a real D.I.Y. project) we are convinced that we have a piece worthy of any expertise we can add to the mix; so we are currently trying to bring in an experienced documentary editor.

While we were blessed by some generous support during the filming, all of that was very specifically earmarked (and spent) on getting us and our gear to the cons that we shot. In spite of a willingness to put as much as needed of our own money into the completion of this project, as you probably have heard, we have had the same kinds of challenges in our industry as in all the others lately and our regular acting/directing work has been perilously slow.

The good news about the troubles in the industry is that it has created a flux of people like us, looking to keep busy and creative. We are beginning an aggressive search for an affordable (read: free) editor that we can bring on board!

Rest assured that while we are proceeding at a much slower rate than any of us intended this project is not dead. We keep our enthusiasm and commitment to telling a story about filk!!

Any of us can be reached by using "", Darrin@, Erin@, etc..... I am fine with you sharing this email address, as well.

Please pass along this update in any way you choose and also extend our greetings to the community! We miss everyone. We can't wait to go to another year's worth of cons, this time, screening the doc!!

Karen Praxel

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