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Where can I find recorded samples of filk online?

I'm curious about filk but have never heard it. Where can I find recorded samples of filk online?

Here are a few sources:

Results of searching for "filk" on CDbaby

Results of searching for "filk" on YouTube

The FilkArchive, created and maintained by Martin Gordon-Kerr, is a great place to hear some samples. You have to register with the site to upload and download music. There is also a FilkRadio station.'s Filk Radio station: Part of DAG Productions, run by Eric Gerds.

Planet Christo Radio is run by Chris Conway, and sometimes plays filk.

The Virtual Filksing, with a focus on Julia Ecklar restorations, and Leslie Fish. Service from Prometheus Music (but is no longer accepting uploads).

Pegasus Awards page: You can find MP3s of currently nominated songs (after nomination process has been finalized) as well as some MP3s of archived songs.

Some filkers keep samples online. If you're a filker with recorded samples (MP3s, etc.) of your work online, please do post the URL below.

Also, if you know other filk radio stations, please do post them below!

Reader Comments (2)

Thanks for the link to the "Mad Music Show". We added that to the listings!

May 27, 2007 | Unregistered Commentervolker

Hi Debbie - thanks for giving me a link in this. Just to keep it up to date, FilkArchive now has its own domain rather than piggy-backing on mine - could you change the link to at some point? Thanks!

November 7, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMartinGK
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