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What is Interfilk?

From the Interfilk Web site:

"Interfilk is a fan fund. Most fan funds raise money to transport a fan to a convention that they would not normally be likely to attend. In our case we raise money from filk fans to transport members of the filk community who have something special to share."

"The main goal of Interfilk is the promotion of cultural exchange through filk music. We provide the means and opportunity for talented members of the filk community to attend filk conventions they otherwise not be able to attend. This provides the opportunity to share performances, songwriting, organizing, publishing and other talents with a wider community than might otherwise be possible.

A secondary goal is promoting filk conventions by adding talented (though often not widely known) persons to their program. Interfilk tries to select guests who would draw people to see them again at another convention."

For info about how guests are chosen, fund-raising Interfilk auctions, etc., please see What is Interfilk on the Interfilk Web site.

Interfilk guests are sometimes chosen because of other filkers' recommendations.

My group, Urban Tapestry, was invited as Interfilk guests to ChonChord in 1994. It was a fantastic experience for us, and the first time visiting California for both Jodi and Allison.

Do you have an Interfilk story to share? Comments? Suggestions? Please post below:

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