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Where can I find out more info about German filk?

There are several excellent German filk resources online.

Filk.De (in German), including a definition of filk, filkers' homepages, filk-related publications (including tapes, songbooks, and fanzines), conventions, mailing lists, workshops, and other resources. Hosted by Katy Dröge-Macdonald. (in German): Extensive German filk page with news, filk database, convention calendar, German filk history, con picture gallery etc. It also hosts German filk community resources, including a discussion forum, chatroom, and mailing list. Hosted by Kirstin & Volker Tanger.

Filkcontinental is Germany's main filk convention; information about the upcoming and all past conventions are available in English and German language, provided by Kirstin Tanger. is a source for filk recordings and publications in Germany.

Let's Filk About: This fanzine's tagline is "Fanzine für Filk, Folk, Science Fiction und Fantasy."

Also check out Juliane Honisch's essay, Filk Around Germany and Austria.

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