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What is the Filk Hall Of Fame?

While the Pegasus Awards focuses on performance and songwriting, the Filk Hall Of Fame awards tends to focus on people whose contribution is more behind the scenes. You can see a list of past inductees and their citations here.

From the Filk Hall of Fame Web site: "Created in 1994, the Filk Hall of Fame inducted its first members at FilKONtario 5. Each year three to five more members of the filk community will be recognized and added to the roster of the Hall of Fame. The Filk Hall of Fame was created to honour the people whose contributions have made a difference to what the filk community means to all of us. Members are chosen based on the nominations made by the filk community in general. At FilKONtario, they are presented with a plaque and a citation that summarises the reasons for the nominations."

Dave Hayman keeps a list of all nominees; you can request a list from him by e-mail. You can also e-mail him if you'd like to update a nomination that you sent in the past. Here is info about who is eligible and how to nominate, as well as sample nominations.

The awards are presented during the Saturday night banquet at FilKONtario.

See my Blathering about the Filk Hall of Fame.

More info:
Filk Hall of Fame

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