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What is a 'BNF'?

Informal term for "Big Name Filker". Usually refers to someone who is well-known in the filk community but like the term "filk", the exact definition varies depending on the person you ask.

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Reader Comments (1)

But remember, BNFs are people too. Never feel you can't approach them or chat to them or sing in the same circle as them just because they're some degree of "famous".

At the same time, remember these people have often been coming to these cons for umpty-mumble years and so have lots of good friends there that they've known through those years . And inevitably many of those friends will by the very fact of having been around a while also be BNFs.

So if you see BNFs gather in groups or head off for dinner together, it isn't necessarily some horrible filk elitism in action. It's far more likely to be good friends just enjoying meeting up again after way too long.

April 18, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterPhil Allcock
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