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This is a list of questions I am frequently asked. Here's a list of links to my more popular pages. Thanks for visiting! -- Debbie


Q. Will you help me promote my book? Or Kickstarter project? or xxx?

If you're writing to ask for a book review, please read my "Will you review my book?" FAQ entry.

I've been receiving an increasing number of requests from people to help promote their projects, especially crowd-funding campaigns.

I love helping to promote projects I feel deserve promotion, especially those by friends. However, if I promoted every project that I felt deserved promotion, I would be tweeting and blogging and FB-posting promo-related stuff non-stop. Speaking as someone who tends to avoid people who promote non-stop (yes, even if they are promoting great projects by people I like), I don't believe this would be a good thing. 

In fact, I have received complaints (nicely worded and half-joking, but I recognize a complaint when I see one :-) from friends on my personal Facebook page when I promote other people's work too much. People who follow me on my personal FB page are not just kidlit types but also old friends from university, relatives, board gamers, filkers and other areas of my life.

As for other types of social media, I am careful about how and when I promote, whether I'm promoting myself or other people. I'm not saying I am the all-knowing expert on online promotion, but over time I have discovered what works and doesn't work in my situation. I find that posting "hey, I really believe in this project by a friend of mine and here's more info about it" to a small but select group is MUCH more effective than "buy my friend's book / support my friend's Kickstarter project" to 20,000 followers. The latter can even be NEGATIVE promotion for that project, as well as for me.

If you've read the above and are okay with it, please use my Contact Form and select the "Would you help promote...." topic.


Will you tweet about my book giveaway/launch etc? All I'm asking is just ONE tweet/RT/mention!

Will you promote my writer's event / workshop / webinar / contest  etc.?

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