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Debbie Ridpath Ohi FAQ > What's Your Illustration Process? > How do you create your overhead videos?

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This is a list of questions I am frequently asked. Here's a list of links to my more popular pages. Thanks for visiting! -- Debbie


Q. How do you create your overhead videos?


I am still experimenting with setups so I can take overhead videos in various places, but here's an overview of my current setup:


Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 055 Aluminum 3-section tripod with horizontal column: Good for when I use my heavier DSLR for overhead photography.

Neewer microphone suspension boom arm stand, Neewer rotating swivel ball head, Vastar universal smartphone tripod adapter: This is my setup for when I use my iPhone XS Max for overhead shots. I learned about this from PrimalGourmet's post, "Best Overhead Camera Setup - How I Film My IG Stories."


Neewer 700W 24" x 24" Softbox with E27 Socket Lighting Kit: These lights are BIG, just to warn you. The setup takes up a big chunk of my small home office! I haven't had time to investigate a better lighting solution - ideally I want brighter lights that take up less space.

For my casual found object art pics, I'll use the set-up above if I have it out, else will find whatever light is currently brightest in the house. If I don't mind sharp-edged shadows, I prefer bright sunlight. 



Last updated on September 16, 2019 by Debbie Ohi