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Debbie Ridpath Ohi FAQ > For Teachers and Librarians > What is your "Look Again" Found Object Art & Writing Challenge about? Can you do it during the school year?

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This is a list of questions I am frequently asked. Here's a list of links to my more popular pages. Thanks for visiting! -- Debbie


Q. What is your "Look Again" Found Object Art & Writing Challenge about? Can you do it during the school year?


Started in 2015, my annual Summer "Look Again" Creative Challenge is a found object art challenge for young artists and writers. Link to each year's challenge is posted on my main Look Again found object art page each summer.

I do this because I'm hoping to help inspire more young readers to create more art and writing during the summer.

I've had a growing number of people (especially educators) ask if I could do another challenge during the school year. While I encourage teachers to create found object art and writing with their students during the school year (I'm gradually adding resources to my Look Again page to help), I currently lack the time and resources to manage this.

Also, any book prizes I send out are books I've paid for out of my own pocket, as is the postage/handling. I live in Canada, and sometimes the postage/handling ends up costing almost as much or more than the books themselves! 

However, I always LOVE to see what educators and librarians do with found object art in their schools. If you share photos on social media, please do tag me! And if I don't respond (sometimes I miss posts), please do send me a link to your online gallery; some educators are using Google albums and Padlet.

To see samples of found object art as well as how educators are using found object art in their classrooms and libraries, please visit my Look Again Found Object Art Resource.


Last updated on September 5, 2018 by Debbie Ohi