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BONUS MATERIAL for Debbie's 2015-10 CAPIC talk

Last updated October 30, 2015

The following are links and resources I mentioned during CAPIC talk as well as some extra references I used doing my research.


CANSCAIP - The Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers

SCBWI - The Society Of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators


ADDED after the meeting

iWatermark+ app - Thanks to Michael Cooper for suggesting this app, which can add a watermark to your images before you post them online.


RESOURCES for Photographers

How photographers can use social media to grow their business

When you should be posting your photography to social media

How photographers should be using social media

Social media for photographers

Sharing photos on Twitter: Photos can be up to 5 MB. Formats accepted: GIF, JPEG, PNG. 

Scheduling posts on Twitter: Hootsuite, SproutSocial, SocialOomph, FutureTweets

How do I take or upload a photo to Instagram?

Top Instagram Hashtags For Photographers -on

How to market your photography using Instagram - from


How to find out if your images have been stolen

Google Image search (click on camera and upload image)

TinEye reverse image search

What do do when your image is stolen online

5 Easy Tools To Effectively Find and Remove Stolen Content


RESOURCES re: introverts

Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can't Stop Talking - by Susan Cain

Susan Cain's excellent TED talk on the power of introverts


RESOURCES re: social media and my own experience

My Twitter Guide for Authors and Illustrators

My Twitter lists of children's book editors and children's book art directors.

My website for children's book writers and illustrators:

My Flickr - Instagram - Twitter: @inkyelbows (Kidlit) | @debbieohi (misc) | @BGGgirl (gaming)

My Inkygirl publishing industry surveys

Tools I may have mentioned: Hootsuite, Evernote, Things

My semi-autobiographical com: My Life In A Nutshell

My comic about avid Lord Of The Rings fans: Waiting For Frodo

My comics about an SCBWI conference newbie

My Will Write For Chocolate comic


OTHER RESOURCES for illustrators and/or photographers:

Working with multiple illustration styles - by Neil Swaab

Are You Screwing Up Your Twitter Images? 7 Do's and Don'ts To Live By - by Rachel Sprung



RESOURCES re: personal brand

Personal branding - Wikipedia definition

7 Things You Can Do To Build An Awesome Personal Brand - by Shama Hyder on

Difference Between Brand and Platform and Why Every Author Needs Both - by Erin Reel