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"Read I'M BORED to children's choir last evening. They have never, ever laughed aloud so much! Reading Success!" - Twitter post by Marjorie Bowman


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Mandy Yates reads I'M BORED as an example of using humor to hook young readers

Thanks to Mandy Yates for featuring I'M BORED in her video blog post about how using humor can help hook young readers....even reluctant readers.

Mandy also does a brilliant reading of I'M BORED, start to finish. THANKS, MANDY!!!


Julie Falatko shares why she and her children love picture books (and includes I'M BORED)

Julie shares why she and her children love picture books from Candlewick Press on Vimeo.

Thanks so much to Julie Falatko (@JulieFalatko on Twitter) for this wonderful video. Love how she pulls out I'M BORED at the end and starts reading it! See her original post on

I'm especially honoured, considering the company.

Thanks, Julie! And thanks to Samantha Berger for the heads-up. :-)


I'M BORED on CCBC Summer Reading List 2013

Thanks to the Canadian Children's Book Centre for including I'M BORED on their Summer Reading List recommendations for 2013! Other titles in the Picture Books section include: Big City Bees by Maggie de Vries & Renné Benoit (Greystone Books), Mr. Zinger's Hat by Cary Fagan & Dusan Petricic (Tundra Books), Scaredy Squirrel Prepares For Christmas: A Safety Guide For Scaredies by Mélanie Watt (Kids Can Press), Sky Color by Peter Reynolds (Candlewick Press), The Stamp Collector by Jennifer Lanthier and Francois Thisdale (Fitzhenry & Whiteside), and This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen (Candlewick Press).

To parents, librarians, bookstores and summer teachers: I've provided a free Summer Book Club Party kit online. Print-ready invitation and activity sheets, event suggestions, plus (if you give me enough warning) I'll mail you I'M BORED bookmarks and stickers!

Thanks to author Valerie Sherrard for the heads-up re: the CCBC Summer Reading list news on FB. Valerie's Counting Back To Nine (Fitzhenry & Whiteside) is one of the recommended YA books on the list.

For more info about the Canadian Children's Book Centre, see


I'M BORED is a starred selection in The Canadian Children's Book Centre's "Best Books For Teens and Kids" Spring Guide 2013

Thanks to The Canadian Children's Book Centre for choosing I'M BORED for their Guide!


I'M BORED in Belgium!

Recently added to the I'M BORED In The Wild reader gallery: this photo of my friend Cédrick Caumont in FNAC, Gallerie Toison D'Or in Brussels (Belgium) with the French version, JE M'ENNUIE. Cédrick is a board game publisher at Repos Production, a company that publishes my favorite board game: 7 WONDERS (you can also find out more about 7 Wonders on BoardGameGeek). Repos also publishes other great games, including a poetry writing game and other games for adults as well as younger kids.

Anyway, I am SO EXCITED about the fact that I'M BORED (or rather, JE M'ENNUIE) is sitting in at least one bookshop in Brussels right now. :-)


My copy of JE M'ENNUIE just arrived!!

Love this! Also, saying "Je M'Ennuie" is SOOOOOO much more satisfying than "I'm Bored."


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How a picture book gets translated into other languages


Now available: I'M BORED Summer Book Club Party Kit


Just added the I'M BORED Summer Book Club Party Kit to the I'M BORED Bonus Page, which can be adapted for any kids' book club event. Includes print-ready invitations, activity sheets, snack and activity suggestions, and resources for those who want to start up their own book club for young people.


Thanks to the Kindergarten & First Grader students at Avoca West


One of my favorite I'M BORED reviews ever


Easter Potato Decorating Experiment = FAIL

Ok, it SEEMED like a worthwhile experiment at the time. But look (Flash required):

Just doesn't seem quite as festive as colored Easter eggs, does it?

Later edit:

Ok, I've been told that the experiment might have been saved if I had skinned and boiled the potatoes first. Thanks, April Brown and Stacie! Hm, and now I'm hungry for some reason.

A tweet from my friend Amy McNally: "It didn't fail!  The colors just turned out a little boring.  *cackles with laughter*  ...Ahem.  Sorry.."