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Debbie Ridpath Ohi reads, writes and illustrates for young people. Every few weeks, she shares new art, writing and resources; subscribe below. Browse the archives here.

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"Read I'M BORED to children's choir last evening. They have never, ever laughed aloud so much! Reading Success!" - Twitter post by Marjorie Bowman


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About I'M BORED: Basic book & publisher info, cover images, press quotes.

For Teachers & Librarians

--- Curriculum: Drama/Oral Activities, Reading & Writing, Media Studies

--- Potato-Focused Activities

--- I'M BORED In The Classroom: how teachers have been using I'M BORED with their students

For Parents & Guardians

--- Children's Book Clubs & more

--- I'm Bored Summer Book Club Party kit

For Young Writers & Illustrators

--- How I'm Bored Was Created (A Step-By-Step Guide For Young Readers)

--- Tips & Activities For Young Writers

--- Tips & Activities For Young Illustrators

Print-Ready I'M BORED material

--- Print-ready activity sheets

--- Print-ready bookplates & gift tags

--- Print-ready gift cards & envelopes

--- Print-ready literacy posters & bookmarks

I'M BORED Blog/Scrapbook

Press about I'M BORED

Videos about I'M BORED

Write to the illustrator


--- Some Boring Facts About Potatoes

--- I'M BORED In The Wild Reader Gallery (Photos and art)

--- How say "I'm Bored" in other languages

--- People at Simon & Schuster who helped with I'M BORED

--- Songs With Potatotude

--- Potatoes In The News

--- Weird Potato Stuff (coming soon)

--- Yummy Potatoes and Potato Nutrition Facts