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Sea Monkeys Moving The Ocean


Working on revised character sketches for Sea Monkey and Bob today and was reminded of some IMPORTANT SCIENTIFIC SEA MONKEY NEWS that Lawrence Schimel and Cathy Ballou Mealey recently told me about:

"Swarms of tiny animals as small as brine shrimp—known to kids the world over as Sea-Monkeys—could have an outsize effect on ocean currents when they swim together in giant herds, according to new research." (National Geographic)

Without a doubt, Micky, Peter, Nyarlathotep, Alan, Mary Margaret, Bilbo, Sojourner, Boris, Pochyk, Pippa, Sea Monkey Killing Unit #1, Tarquin, Brunhilda, Delphine, Monkey Doo, Brooke and Russell are out there somewhere, MOVING THE OCEAN.

(For those who missed my previous blog entry: my Sea Monkeys escaped!)