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Day 17: Sea-Monkey Project

The SEA-MONKEY PROJECT (research for illustrating Sea-Monkey and Bob picture book, which comes out from Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers in Fall 2015, author Aaron Reynolds):

There appears to be a new addition to my Sea-Monkey family; I suspect one of the eggs hatched late. I've christened him Russell, which was one of Annie Walker's suggestions. Russell seems to be a bit wonky and does nothing but swim around in tight circles. If you look closely (he's much smaller than the others), you can see him in the video above, doing his spin thing just above the arch.

I regret to report that Monkey C has disappeared. I'm not exactly sure what happened. Perhaps he choked on a Sea-Monkey Pellet. perhaps Sea Monkey Killing Unit #1 lived up to his name. Monkey Doo, of course, is inconsolable. The others (particularly Brunhilda, who seems to be especially nurturing of her siblings) are doing their best to offer comfort.

Anyway, the Sea-Monkeys now remaining are: Micky, Davy, Peter, Michael, Nyarlathotep, Alan, Mary Margaret, Bilbo, Sojourner, Boris, Hortense, Pochyk, Pippa, Sea Monkey Killing Unit #1 (SMKU1 for short, I think), Tarquin, Brunhilda, Edwina, Brianna, Delphine, Joan, Monkey Doo and Russell.

No signs of little crowns or smiles yet.

For an index of other blog entries, please see my Sea-Monkey and Bob blog archives. Also: Sea-Monkey and Bob Facebook Page.

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