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Core-Compatible Teacher's Curriculum Guide to NAKED!

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I'm excited to announce that the Teacher's Guide to NAKED! is now available. Thanks to educational consultant and picture book writer, Marcie Colleen, for putting together this Core-compatible classroom guide. 

This guide is designed for students in preschool through third grade. It offers activities to help teachers integrate Naked! into English language arts (ELA), mathematics, science and social studies curricula. Art and drama are used as a teaching tool throughout the guide. All activities were created in conjunction with relevant content standards in ELA, math, science, social studies, art, and drama.

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Kirkus Review of NAKED!

Thanks to Kirkus Reviews for the fun review of NAKED!


"One boy’s birthday suit gets a bit of a workout in this heartfelt paean to going au naturel. Having tackled ennui in I’m Bored (2012), Black and Ohi reunite in this tale of one boy’s determination to encounter the world totally barrier-free..."

Read the rest of the Kirkus Reviews website.


Early sketches in the NAKED! creation process

I laughed out loud when I read Michael Ian Black's fun story (and the title). Above: some of the first character sketches I did after receiving the mss.


NAKED! jacket flap author and illustrator portraits

My Simon & Schuster art director (Laurent Linn -- did you know he used to work for Sesame Street?!?) asked me if I could come up with some illustrations of Michael and me to use on the jacket flap for NAKED! instead of photos.

Here are the choices I came up with for Michael:

I wanted to give Michael a choice of portraits, from dignified to cool to er...NAKED!

Guess which one he chose? Yup.

Here's the portrait I did of me to match:


I have to confess that I never imagined in a MILLION ZILLION YEARS that I'd ever have a book coming out where I'd appear on the jacket cover NAKED! :-)


Just over six months until you can get NAKED!


Michael Ian Black on what inspired him to write NAKED!

Photo: Michael Ian Black.

I asked Michael about what inspired him to write NAKED!, and here's what he said:

"Like all parents of small children, I noticed that my kids seemed to enjoy being naked more than clothed. (Adults probably feel this way too, but feel less desire to run around in this state.) I thought it would be fun to show a kid's exuberance at being unclothed, running around, using his imagination, and just basically being a normal, over-excited, totally butt naked kid."


Seven months until it's time to get NAKED!