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Baths and bathtime has been around for a looooong time.  Early plumbing systems for bathing go back as far as 3300 BC

Here's a photo of a Mycanean bathtub (or "larnax"), found in the ruins of King Nestor's palace in Greece, from 1300-1200 BC:

From Wikimedia Commons.This tub was made from terracotta. The person using the tub would sit while a servant poured water over them. Though it doesn't show in the photo above, there is a drainage hole in the floor near the tub.

By AlMare (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Cast-iron bathtubs were first created in 1883 when Austrian immigrant John Michael Kohler took one of the cast iron implements in his company's product line and sprinkled it with enamel powder. Then he sold it as a horse trough and hog scalder (!), but pointed out in the company catalog that it could also serve as a bathtub.

But animals need bath time, too! Here's how some animals get their bath time, like baby sloths:

and a Tawny Owl:

and a hedgehog:

and a baby elephant:

and mini daschunds:

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