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Photo: Beckett GladneyYou can find out more about me at BoardGameGeek, where I'm known as Inkygirl. I tweet about board games and board gaming at @BGGgirl. To find out more about what I do when I'm not playing board games, drawing board gaming comics or writing about board gaming, see


Among other projects, I'm illustrating I'M BORED, a picture book by Michael Ian Black due out from Simon & Schuster in 2012.

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I've decided to shut down this blog and posting in my BoardGameGeek blog instead. Thanks! -- Debbie


New comic: Hospital Gamer

OHI0008 HospitalGamer 500

Congrats to Erniepaul for winning the most recent cartoon caption contest on BGG! You can see some of the other board gaming comic winners here.


Board Gaming German Lessons - by Richard Mesaric

Richard Mesaric

I asked my friend Richard Mesaric to teach me useful German phrases I can use while board gaming, and he has given me permission to share them here:

Lesson 3

Ich spiele mit rot/blau/grün/schwarz/weiß/violett/braun/gelb/rosa/orange. I play red/blue/green/black/white/purple/brown/yellow/pink/orange.

Lesson 4:

Karten mischen und verteilen. = Shuffle and deal cards.

Also see Archived German Board Gaming Phrase Lessons.


Settlers Of Catan: McDonald's Edition (CollegeHumor)

Thanks to Sara VanderWal for the link!


Useful German Board Gaming Phrases From Richard Mesaric


While he was visiting us recently, Richard Mesaric offered to give me some mini-German lessons when I mentioned that I was hoping to learn some gaming-related German before Jeff & I go to Essen next year.

I thought that some of you might find these phrases useful as well! So here goes:


Spiele und Spielzeug = Games and toys


"Wer ist dran?" / "Wer ist am Zug?"

means Whose move (turn) is it?

literally "who is on it" / "who is on the move"


"Zug" also means train - German name of Ticket to Ride = "Zug um Zug"



Comic: Cats & Board Gaming

Catgame Winner