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Debbie Ridpath Ohi reads, writes and illustrates for young people. Every few weeks, she shares new art, writing and resources; subscribe below. Browse the archives here.

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I have a number of blogs related to different to projects. People ask me how I have time to maintain so many blogs but the truth is, I treat all my blogs as part of one BIG blog. I use Red Sweater's MarsEdit app for the Mac to compose a blog post and then choose which blog to send it to.

I love social media, and mainly post on Facebook (personal / pro), and Twitter (@inkyelbows). I post images to Flickr and Pinterest. I post about books I'm reading at Goodreads.

Here are blogs I maintain or contribute to:



Inkygirl: Illustrated blog for writers. Includes comics for writers, interviews, resources, and tips. I post info for writers (especially kidlit/YA) at @inkyelbows.

A Writer's Guide To Twitter: My guide for writers who want to find out more about how they can use Twitter.

MiG Writers: Collab blog of my critique group, the MiG Writers. 

Writer Unboxed: I contribute a monthly cartoon to this excellent blog about the craft and business of fiction writing. You can see my contributions here.

Torkidlit: The Toronto Area Middle Grade and Young Adul Author Group. We don't have a formal blog, but you can read news and blog posts from members on the Torkidlit News page. If you're interested in attending our monthly get-togethers, please join the Torkidlit group on Facebook.


ILLUSTRATION I try to post a daily doodle/sketch, plus links to my other blog updates I think people might be interested in.

I'M BORED Scrapbook blog: I'M BORED creation process, fun news, etc.

Will Write For Chocolate: My comic about a house of freelance writers.

Sketcharound: By Beckett Gladney and me. A guide for creatives types of all ages on how to find one's own creative voice.

KidLitArtists: Founded by the 2010 SCBWI Illustration Mentees, this blog offers inspiration and tips for anyone interested in illustrating for young people. Twitter: @KidLitArtists.

Pixel Shavings: A group of six children's book author/illustrators who "glog" (group blog) together. One post a week.

Waiting For Bilbo: My sadly neglected comic about a fan waiting in line for The Hobbit movies. Inspired by comic.

Waiting For Frodo: My very first online comic, about avid fans waiting in line for The Lord Of The Rings movies. Cringe-worthy art but I still miss those characters.



Debbie's Blatherings: My personal blog.

Urban Tapestry: My music/filk group. Listen to soundclips! Find out about our albums and DVD!

Filk FAQ: Frequently asked questions about filk, filking and filkers. Includes my What Is Filk? post.

Beware The Squirrel: Squirrels are taking over the world! Don't believe me? Browse my squirrel photos/pics and follow this blog!