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Flatmouse affection, ceramics, and male underwear

The photo above was taken by Jeff on Ray's camera at brunch at Easy restaurant (I think that's what it was called) a few weeks ago. You can see some of Ray's other photos here.

Yesterday, I spoke of Jeff's beloved Flatmouse and Flatmouse's impending fame. In response, I received the following photo and letter by e-mail:

"Dear Flatmouse,

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when I saw you photograph on the internet this morning! As I was browsing journals over my coffee this morning. I saw you!

I am also a mouse of a flattish persuasion. I've attached my picture. I simply wanted to tell you that it does my heart good to know there are more flat mice in the world!


Vancouver, British Columbia"


Jean-Pierre Larocque clay sculpture

Last night after dinner, Craig and I went to check out the newly revamped Gardiner Ceramics Museum (111 Queen's Park, Toronto, ON Canada M5S 2C7, 416-586-8080), which re-opened to the public yesterday. The renovations are still in progress, but I still enjoyed snooping around as well as browsing the Jean-Pierre Larocque clay sculpture and painting exhibit. The museum even has an open clay studio on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons. I am soooo tempted to take a pottery class but am resisting. There are only so many things I can fit into my life, after all. :-)

It's been a while since I've been to the Bloor/Bay area of Toronto, so Craig took me for a mini-tour of some of the Royal Ontario Museum renovations since I last visited the ROM. Interesting to see the external renovations in progress, as well.

Bay's Men's Underwear Fashion Show

Around 8 pm, we went to the Bay on Bloor Street for the Bay's Male Underwear Fashion Show. As I expected, it was pretty fun. :-) I'm not really a male model ogling type (really! honest!); I was more interested in the people-watching aspect. I was also fascinated by the idea of a traditionally conservative department store like The Bay being involved in Pride activities, especially a very public Male Underwear Fashion Show.

Bay's Men's Underwear Fashion Show

Craig and I arrived about ten minutes before the fashion show. A pretty woman was doing a dance routine on stage, flirting a bit with one of the policemen; he let her take his hat and wear it during her performance. It was a fun, energetic routine, and I turned to Craig and commented that she was good.

"Um...I don't think she's a 'she'," he told me.


Then the fashion show began. There were a couple hundred people gathered, from toddlers to seniors.

The male models were also interesting to watch in terms of their differing personalities. The most experienced was Francisco Randez, who is apparently "the face behind the Jean Paul Gautier ad campaign" the line-up above, he's the one at the far left. I have no idea what the Jean Paul Gautier ad campaign was. There were also one or two who seemed inexperienced, looked awkward and a bit nervous. And then there was this fellow, who the most fun to watch because he definitely had the over-the-top "brooding male model" attitude down pat. I assumed at the time it was tongue-in-cheek, but now I'm wondering.

Bay's Men's Underwear Fashion Show

Most of the show was remarkably conservative (for a male underwear fashion show, that is), though some the models began having a bit more fun partway through the show, flirting with the audience with mildly risqué gestures, such as the creative use of a small Pride flag. I kept watching the reactions of the two policemen, but they just smiled and didn't seem at all bothered; I guess the Rules are somewhat more relaxed during Pride activities? The policemen didn't even flinch when on the of the models (the guy with the attitude) pulled down the back of his underwear while walking away from the audience (!).

Everyone seemed to have fun, though I do admit to feeling a bit squeamy when a mother encouraged her toddler girl to undo the ties on one of the model's bathrobes as the announcer kept emphasizing how this was "a family event." Another woman volunteer was told she had to undo a model's bathrobe without using her hands. Both were given goody bags from The Bay afterward.

We met up with Craig's friend Waimin after the show and went to the Pride street fair on Church Street. Lots of different types of couples walking about, including women with women, men with men, men as women, etc. and a wide range of ages as well. What I liked the seeing the most: the fun everyone was having, wandering around with friends and loved ones, and the Pride rainbow colours shop windows, in glittering banners across restaurants, on t-shirts, painted on people's cheeks. At Lo'la, I had chocolate and banana martinis with Maltesers floating in them (Craig & Waimin each both kindly treated me) which were very good.

Looking forward to the Pride parade on Sunday!

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