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German CDs

While I was in Germany, I was impressed by the level of talent at Filkcontinental. Here are a few of the CDs I picked up while I was at the convention (if I have any of the facts wrong, please do let me know!):

Demons - Christine Hintermeyer


Artist: Christine Hintermeyer / Nella Darren

Many thanks to Christine for helping Juliane pick us up at the airport at such an ungodly hour in Frankfurt. I immediately loved her wicked sense of humour, which came through especially in her trying to teach us a new German word, "Eichhörnchen," which she insisted was a swear word but which we later found out meant "squirrel." :-D

Yes, that's Christine on the front cover of her CD. Many of the tracks of Christine's CDs are in English, several an intriguing mix of English and German. My favourites: "Restless" (bittersweet, gorgeous melody & acoustic guitar accompaniment), "Dancer in the Dark" (Spike song, in open filk everyone sang the instrumental bridge), and especially "Demons" (insanely catchy tune, esp. love the 'shoobie doo wah wah wah...').

The CD, by the way, was produced by Ju's husband, Harry Sawatzki.

Web site: no Web site that I'm aware of, sorry.

With Christine at a Frankfurt ice cream shop.
L to R: Allison, Juliane, Christine, Jodi.

Wir Assimilieren Alles - by geBORGt


Artist: GeBORGt

This group was immensely entertaining to watch in performance; they all seemed to have such FUN. They sang both English and German songs, serious and humorous, with a wonderful variety of voices. Fun to see their repertoire affected by the new addition to Sabine's and Michael's family; their song "Baby Wizard" was performed in the Request Concert on the last day, complete with custom-made t-shirts and pacifier props. :-)

We were also lucky enough to hear various incarnations of the group throughout the weekend since members also obviously enjoyed making music with other filkers as well as their own group. I was thrilled to be given a signed geBORGt t-shirt during the last day of the convention. Thank you, geBORGt! :-) Sabine was kind enough to bake a cake for Allison's and Jodi's surprise birthday party, and also introduced us to an enormously addictive chocolate liqueur called Black Batida with cocoa, hazelnut cream and Batida de Coco. On the last day, she gave Allison a giant box of chocolates.

My favourite track on this CD was "Liebeslied" even though I couldn't understand the lyrics...I loved the rhythm of the German words and interesting change of pace/harmonic structure several times throughout the song. Other favourite tracks include "Past Life's Temptation" -- gorgeous counterpoint harmonies in an a capella setting, "Skalish" (moving lyrics, beautiful melody).

Members: (Sa)Bine "Tarish", Michael "Astaron", Sandra, Jan-Hendrik "D'Chan", and Kris "Aryana."

Web site:

Unfortunately I missed getting a photo with all the group members performing. If anyone out there has a good one online, could you please send me the URL so I can post it here? Thanks.

(Update: From Lastalda - "Lisande managed to take a nice photo of all 5 members of geBORGt. It should be here.")


Aryana singing in open filk with Lisande:


Unwege - by Milchstrassenstreuner


Group: Milchstrassenstreuner

This group performed all in German, but I still very much enjoyed their concert and open filk performances. The lead singer, Silke Kovàr, has a wonderfully richly-textured voice. I've been told that their lyrics are more "word paintings" than stories, and I'm looking forward to gradually translating them.

Even though I didn't understand the lyrics yet, I found all the songs extremely pleasant to listen to because of the wonderful arrangements of voice and instrumentation. This album is going on my "work music" list along with my Italian progressive rock music from Parki.

One of my favourites on this album: Asphaltsommer. Love the easygoing, catchy melody and harmonies.

Members (but see below): Sven Bothe (guitar), Daniel Horn (keyboard), Silke Kovàr (voice, fiddle), Daniel Lohausen (percussion).

Correction: Silke just posted: "Hey, thank you so much! *blush* I love your CDs as well and I was/ am so delighted about your interest! (PS The members are right as far as the record is concerned, but we have a 'new' piano player instead of Daniel Horn for 3 and a half years: Svante von Erichsen.)."


Garden of the Lost - by Lord Landless


Group: Lord Landless

Unfortunately final edition CDs weren't available at the convention, but Kirstin was kind enough to give me a promo copy until my own arrives.

Lord Landless consists of Silva, Thesilee, Kjenjo and Peredar. Before their concert at Freusburg, they handed out booklets which contained the lyrics to the songs they were performing. I found this immensely helpful for their German songs since it gave me more of a chance of translating some of the words. Some lovely harmonies and tunes; I'm looking forward to getting my CD!


Celtic Chakra


Group: Celtic Chakra

Juliane Honisch's husband, Harry Sawatzi, plays the bodhran in a professional Irish band. Being interested in traditional Irish music myself, I had to buy this CD, of course. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and will definitely be putting this on my "frequent listen" list.

Below: Allison and Harry.


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