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guest blathering

(Note from Debbie: Jeff and I will be in Kyoto for a few days. If I find an Internet cafe, I'll post to Blatherchat.)

Guest Blather from Alison George

The last couple of days I have felt much like a Mom sending her kids off the their first day of kindergarten. Will they be all right? Will they get lost? Will they eat their snack? Will the other kids tease them?

Fortunately, my worries have been for naught, and as you can tell from reading Blatherings, Jeff and Debbie have been getting along with ease in Japan. I think much has to do with how they have assigned tasks. Captain Communications (Debbie) handles the language, Captain Navagation (Jeff) has been ably handling the subways. That leaves me with the simple role of First Officer Accommodations (or First Officer Procreation, another suitable moniker given my state, not because of any hanky panky).

My only disappointment is that I was unable to pursuade J&D to slurp their noodles properly during dinner. I definitely led by example, slurping to my heart's content, while they sat beside me, silently and politely spooning their ramen noodles into their mouths. I'm sure they were secretly disgusted by all the sounds eminating from my part of the table, but heck....noodles simply taste better with a big ol' slurp. Ask any kid confronted with a plate of spaghetti, and I'm sure he/she would whole-heartedly agree.

I have really enjoyed seeing Japan from J&D's perspective. So much is new and different here, and sometimes I forget that. It has become part of the norm for me....but listening to the recap of their day each evening has been so interesting. It's also wonderful to have someone to talk to over dinner! In fact, for the first time since June I was so distracted over dinner that I forgot to call my husband (JeffL) at our prearranged time! (8 p.m. my time is 7 a.m. in Toronto -- so I'm his alarm clock). I'm happy to report my Jeff was up and at 'em on his own accord...but I still can't believe I forgot to place the call.

Debbie has just informed me that my Guest Blathering may be the only thing posted tomorrow. Suddenly such weight has been placed on my shoulders. Perhaps I should try to find a harp to play for a few minutes to put myself in the correct frame of mind. Oh well....good news is she will be back in a few short days. They are Kyoto-bound tomorrow. It's tough for Mom to see the kids leave the nest....but I'm sure they will be fine. Debbie's lounging on the bed right now practicing her Japanese, and I just finished reviewing the Kyoto bus system with Jeff, so the Captains are suitably trained and ready to take on the world.

This is Captain Accommodations signing off.

-- Alison

Today's Blatherpics

- It's quite a feat -- Alison hard at work on her guest blatheriings.

- Alison's 36-year-old bear "Teddy". It's his third trip to Japan. It's no JeffL, but comforting, all the same.

Today's Poll: (courtesy Alison!)

In your adult years, have you ever slurped your noodles?

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