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still california-bound

First off, a belated birthday to my friend Reid, whose birthday was yesterday. And speaking of birthdays, you're all invited to the annual Urban Tapestry VIRTUAL BIRTHDAY PARTY for Allison and Jodi! We're doing potluck; please do bring something if at all possible. The party will run until the end of this weekend.

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Only two weeks until my California trip! I had briefly considered cancelling it because of all the uncertainty following the Sept.11 attacks, but I've decided to stick with my original plan unless something develops which constitutes a good reason not to go.

Some reasons I'm still going to California:

- The chances my plane will be highjacked are probably lower than the chances of being me being hit by a car when I'm out walking, or having a helicopter land on my head.

- If the airlines shut down while I'm out on the West Coast, I can always take a train home (i.e. at least I'll be on the same continent, unlike during our Japan trip)

- My California flight was arranged on US Airways points (i.e. a free flight) which I accumulated during my flights between Philadelphia and Toronto. Those who have been following my Blatherings all year know the hell I often went through then with postponed and cancelled flights, plus hating to have to fly back to Philadelphia after visits back home. It would give me great pleasure to turn all those negative vibes into something positive, like this trip.

- It's the first time in a long time that I've taken a trip (more than a day) by myself for the sole purpose of hanging out with friends. No hectic convention schedules or sightseeing goals or trying to fit in visiting with a zillion people into two days. As much as I love conventions, it's difficult to get one-on-one time with people in that environment...gatherings tend to be the "massive crowd tries to fit into a Chinese restaurant" sort, or you talk to people a few seconds at a time between programmed events.

- To hang out with Casey and Riley and their parents. I told Beckett I'm looking forward to smelling their heads (I love the smell of baby heads). Big news, by the way...Riley is cutting his first tooth at the moment (probably at this very moment). By the way, do check out Beckett Gladney's Web site. Beckett is an extremely talented artist and illustrator...I guarantee you'll like what you see. Plus check out her rough sketches for a children's book! Beckett claims that this site is under construction right now, but it looks pretty good to me.

As for Paul, many good wishes to him and Taunya, who are entertaining the folks at FilkContinental in Germany right now! I'm really looking forward to their trip report.

- To hang out with my friend Andrew. I've known Andrew for about twenty years now; he works with Apple in Cupertino. I met him through the poslpeople, a group of friends in university. I'm also hoping to hook up with some other friends from that group who now live in California.

- To hang out with Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff. I got to know Jeff and Maya a bit when I met them a couple times at California conventions, and then when I interviewed Maya for Inkspot, and Jeff for The Dandelion Report. They are massively talented performers, and I have all their albums (and have been bugging Jeff about when their next one is coming out). Even my Jeff (who has never heard Urban Tapestry in live performance) was taking their CD off our shelf and listening to it without me being around. I don't think he's ever done that with any other recording I've brought home from filk conventions.

- And finally, I want to go to California because it would gall me to let fear keep me at home. It would almost be like admitting that the terrorists (and I am going to use the word "terrorist" even if Reuters is squeamish about the term these days) have won.

Other news

- Check out Andrea's new song, "Cleaning House" in her Zen Cappuccino. I'll be staying with Andrea and Tom before and after OVFF...REALLY looking forward to that, and to meeting Nicholas!

- Scott has switched Amanda's online journal to Blogger for easier updating. To follow their new daughter's progress as well as updates in Amanda's and Scott's life, visit Amanda's Musings.

- Several people have pointed out my Tolkien gaffe in yesterday's Blathering...Liv Tyler plays Arwen, not Eowyn. I'm somewhat confused, though, but will refrain from saying why since I don't want to post any potential spoilers.

Today's Blatherpics:

- Talis Kimberley browsing for chocolate at Laura Secord's during a visit earlier this year.

- Jeff, Sara, and Annie watching Dragon Tales.

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